Real Deal


This game project has been developed with the marketing company Yourvine. It is an innovative approach and has been shown to get across messages about the harms of these substances to young people.

The game puts the player in the position of a supplier of legal highs and they soon understand the industry is based on a wilful disregard for the health and welfare of the ‘customers’. They learn that the decisions which need to be made to continue in the legal highs business are closer to drug dealing and organised crime than any other legitimate business.

The players accumulate points as they go through the game towards an incentive prize of festival tickets or other prizes. Initially it seems straightforward, and then, suddenly, unexpected things happen. For example, their consignment is seized at customs or their bank account is frozen. They have to chose from a list of adulterants to mix with their substances – then is an incident whereby the daughter of a police chief is harmed by these products. By this time they realise the industry places the individual’s wellbeing last and the way these products are manufactured is rather haphazard. The game includes several short film clips which show how damaging these legal highs are.

Our evaluation shows that they understand the message that we are intending.

The game has achieved its aim of in engaging with young people and persuading them of the risks of legal highs. Results show the game is very successful in challenging views on these substances and encouraging a more enlightened outlook to their risks. Analytics produced by Yourvine show: 81% understood legal highs were dangerous, 89% felt they had learnt something and 71% would definitely recommend it to a friend.

To try out the game simply register here www.campaigns.yourvine.com