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Andy Murray’s US Open Shirt Auctioned on 4 December

Kerry Taylor Auctions December

The increase in legal highs – what ‘s the best way to deal with new drugs?

Metro Article 27 November


Nine young people hospitalised in Glasgow after taking pills and powders (video)

Scottish TV November 12


Study shows ‘poppers cause eyesight damage (video)

BBC October 2012


43 deaths linked to legal highs

Independent 7 Nov 2012


Club drug ‘Mexxy’ and other legal highs to be made illegal

Independent 16 October 2012


Legal Highs: Drugs Charity Warns of Dangers

Sky News 16 October 2012


School children targeted in legal highs drug campaign

ITV News 16 October 2012


Annihilation Legal High Should be Banned.

BBC 10 October 2012


Laughing gas link to schoolboy’s death

Independent 5 October 2012


NZ Government cracks down on legal highs

NZ Herald October 2012


Expert’s warning on dangers of ‘legal highs’

Thisissouthwales October 2012


Legal high linked to death in Jersey joins the banned list

Thisisjersey October 2012


Drugs policies are not working, believe 75% of MPs

Guardian September 2012


Growing pressure for ‘dated’ drug law

YorkshirePost September 2012


Girl, 15, who died after ecstasy overdose told her friends not to call ambulance

Guardian August 2012


Glasgow health board reports 358% rise in legal high hospital cases

BBC Scotland News July 2012


Legal high available in Newcastle at pocket money prices

Sunday Sun July 2012


RockNess: Legal high benzo fury victim named as Alex Herriot

Metro June 2012


Accountant dies after taking GBL at gathering for friend killed by the same party drug

Daily Telegraph May 2012


A new legal high goes on sale every week, says EU drugs agency

Guardian April 2012


Bid to ban ‘safe’ drug Methoxetamine after deaths

Independent March 2102


Coalition slashes government spending on drugs education by 80%

The Observer, 25 March 2012.


Louise lit up our lives. Let her tragic death be a beacon of hope on drugs

 By Vicky Unwin (Angelus Ambassador), The Observer, 3 March 2012


French Drugs Model

British Medical Journal, 20 March 2012


DRUGLINK interview with Maryon Stewart – January/February 2011

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Forty new legal highs made in China are being sold in Britain

The Telegraph 15 January 2011



Chemist to the crime barons jailed for supplying gangs with £2 Billion of drugs

Daily Mail 11 December 2010